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Keystone Higher Ed Chats with DePauw University

The Liberal Arts College of the Future

Watch the latest episode of Keystone's Higher Ed Chats in conversation with Dr. Lori S. White, President of DePauw University. 

This event was presented by:


Erik Harrell

Former CEO

Keystone Education Group

Dr Lori S White

Dr. Lori S. White


DePauw University

In this episode of Higher Ed Chats, Erik Harrell (former Keystone CEO) speaks with Dr. Lori S. White, President of DePauw University. Dr. White has more than 30 years of experience in both student-focussed leadership and academic roles.

Topics include:

  • Transformation of liberal arts education in 2021 and beyond.
  • Championing & communicating the importance of liberal arts education.
  • Ideas to help liberal arts colleges differentiate themselves & attract students.
  • Insights into how leaders can make progress towards greater inclusiveness and diversity across leadership, faculty, and campus.