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CRM & Marketing Automation Software
Many institutions find it difficult to juggle large volumes of student leads. With our software, SmartHub, you have access to a suite of powerful automation tools that will revolutionize your student recruitment and lead engagement processes.
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Reduce your manual workload by up to 70%

What's Included With SmartHub:

  • Never lose track of a lead again. Consolidate all your student leads into SmartHub, from any marketing channel!
  • Stay in touch with students 24 hours a day with automatic communication tools.
  • Build customized email workflows to nurture your student leads.
  • Automatically qualify and score your student leads along the entire recruitment pipeline.
  • Save hours every week using personalized automation at scale.
  • Do you communicate with students in a language other than English? Our software supports 13+ languages
Used by 20,000+ education professionals.

Already have a CRM? No problem.

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Seamless integration with 1500+ CRMs

  • SmartHub is an easy, clean, seamless and affordable solution, It is designed to be your marketing automation hero. 
  • If you are using a CRM, we connect to over 1500+ CRMs and counting. Ask us how!
  • New student leads are automatically collected and available for communication, management and engagement.

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