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Struggling to find the right learning solution for your organization’s varied needs? Want to make data-driven buying decisions about L&D? 

Say goodbye to time-consuming and expensive administrative processes. 

With findcoursesPRO, large organizations like yours streamline the process of finding, booking, and evaluating professional training courses.


Focus on the business impact of learning.

findcoursesPRO will handle the rest. 

Training and development is critical for employee engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Investing in employee growth through upskilling and reskilling is paramount for reducing turnover, and fostering a culture of advancement and internal mobility.

HR departments play a pivotal role, not only in aligning workforce development with overarching corporate objectives, but also in managing financial resources efficiently.

Navigating the complexities of corporate L&D programs can be overwhelming, with an endless array of courses, providers, requests for proposals, and negotiation processes to manage.

Allow findcoursesPRO to streamline your L&D procurement process, enabling you to execute transformative training programs with ease.


What is findcoursesPRO?

findcoursesPRO is our comprehensive professional training procurement portal where we: 
  • procure courses for large companies and government entities worldwide
  • empower your employees to self-book courses from pre-approved suppliers
  • provide robust reporting and evaluation tools to measure business impact
Key Benefits
  • Quality courses at discounted prices: access courses pre-negotiated with 5 - 30% off.
  • Organization-wide tracking: monitor professional training purchases and learner engagement across your entire organization.
  • Multiple quotes: obtain competitive quotes for bespoke programs.
  • Integrated systems: ensure a seamless experience with your current systems.
  • Empowered decison-making: utilize real-time reporting for informed choices.
  • Time-saving automation: streamline booking and invoicing processes.
  • Dedicated support: get assistance with bookings or finding specific professional training from our PRO support team.
  • Streamlined sourcing process: simplify professional training buying procurement with a centralized approach.
  • Dynamic supplier management: continuously adapt and manage suppliers to meet evolving needs.
  • Standardized processes: enjoy consistent payment terms and flexible booking and cancellation policies.
The findcoursesPRO platform allows your employees to confidently book professional training courses from approved suppliers, ensuring the right learning solutions for your business needs.
Experience the ease and efficiency of findcoursesPRO and transform your approach to employee training. 

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