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Tech Skills and Setting Up Students for the Working World

The launch of the internet changed virtually every industry - fields once seldom integrated with technology soon depended on it. Changing tech and student trends also now shape..

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Using Social Media Influencers in Higher Ed Marketing

Social media has exploded in the past 10 years, and more recently, we have seen the rise of influencers.

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Tips for Optimizing Your Higher Ed Landing Pages

If your ads start to get clicks, but your visitors aren’t staying on your pages then it’s time to optimize your landing pages.

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Boosting Enrollments in US Universities - Tips to Reverse Recruitment Dips

Drops in enrollments continue to hit community colleges and universities in the United States. Part of that decrease likely due to the pandemic, however a steady downtrend in the..

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WhatsApp, IM or Email - The Importance of Personalized Communication

Whether your prospects want to be 'WhatsApped', emailed, called or IM-ed, highly personalized communication is a game-changer when it comes to turning your prospective students..

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5 Tips for Converting Student Prospects

One of the many challenges universities have always faced is converting student prospects into applicants or enrollments. As the world goes increasingly digital, lead generation..

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