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How to Prevent Academic Burnout in Your Students

Academic burnout is a prevalent issue in higher education. If you’ve been on a college campus and talked to the students, you’ve almost certainly come across some form of..

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5 Tips for Marketing Study Abroad Programs in a Post-Pandemic World

The Covid-19 pandemic hit study abroad programs perhaps more than any other higher education program. Border closures stopped students from being able to travel for over a year,..

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Recognising the Impact of Inflation on Students

A 40-year-high inflation in the US has impacted everything from fuel prices to electronics - to the cost of higher education.

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The Brexit Impact on UK Universities Over Two Years On

It goes without saying that student recruitment in UK universities has changed since Brexit two years ago.

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Supporting International Students in the Job Market

International students face entering a very competitive and unfamiliar job market as graduates. They may decide to kickstart their career in another country or stay where they..

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How Climate-Aware is Your Campus?

The future Gen Z and Gen Alpha students will be the most climate-conscious generations yet. How big a part this will play in their university selection process is yet to be seen,..

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