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How to Use Instant Chat to Boost Enrollment Conversions

3 min read

Using instant chat to communicate with potential students can help boost enrollment conversions by providing a more personal and engaging experience.

Image shows someone on their phone on a live chat conversation
image shows a male student with an iPhone on a tripod getting ready to record a video


Why are U.S. Universities Banning TikTok

5 min read

Sara Anderson

US universities and public colleges are banning TikTok, with what seems like a different institution announcing a ban...

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Image shows a young girl with a VR headset on


Ways to Attract Generation Alpha to Your Institutions

4 min read

Thaís Roberto

Being digital natives, Generation Alpha has had an educational experience different from any generation before them.

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Image shows a screen grab of the ChatGPT homepage


10 Ways to Address AI Tools at Colleges and Universities 

3 min read

Sara Anderson

Universities frequently debate using artificial intelligence in the classroom - but perhaps more so recently than...

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Social Media for Higher Ed

Watch our latest webinar to hear from an expert panel from H.E, including discussions on using TikTok, ChatGPT and other social channels in your student marketing. 

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picture shows an American university campus


Are international students returning to the US?

6 min read

Thaís Roberto

International students are an essential sector of the American higher education system, bringing in substantial revenue...

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Image showing the letters AI on a button to represent artificial intelligence


ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence in Higher Ed

5 min read

Sara Anderson

The controversy between ChatGPT and education has hit the headlines recently, but artificial intelligence (AI) in...

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images shows a conference hall


5 tips to get the most out of higher ed conferences

3 min read

Katarina Gligovic

Higher education conferences allow enrolment staff, admissions teams, program leaders, and higher ed professionals from...

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