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The Growing Importance of Micro-Credentials in Higher Education

4 min read

Micro-credentials are competing more and more with traditional higher education programs, following quick shifts in the global job market.

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2024 Higher Ed Conference Calendar

16 min read

Rama Eriksson

Higher education conferences are eagerly anticipated networking events and learning opportunities for the whole sector....

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Marketing a Return to Campus Learning for Online Courses

9 min read

Sara Anderson

Heading back to campus is a new, yet familiar, normal. Amid a global pandemic, colleges and universities ramped up...

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Getting to Know Generation Alpha: 10 Takeaways for Higher Ed

7 min read

Joanna Hughes

Generation Z and Millennials may claim the lion’s share of media attention, but another generation is nipping at their...

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Why Student Associations are Essential to the University Experience

3 min read

Chelsea Castonguay Stanhope

When it comes to the student experience, an essential part of fitting in at university is having a sense of belonging.

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Do Your Program Titles Resonate with International Students?

3 min read

Joanna Hughes

With colleges and universities all over the world competing for the best and brightest students, many are taking...

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Do you need a CRM? Evaluating CRMs for Higher Education


Do you need a CRM? Evaluating CRMs for Higher Education

3 min read

Joanna Hughes

Most colleges and higher ed institutions need some sort of CRM system to manage their data.

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