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Are international students returning to the US?

6 min read

International students are an essential sector of the American higher education system, bringing in substantial revenue from international tuition...

picture shows an American university campus
photo shows students gathered around a laptop


How to Attract International Students Without Endless Scholarships

5 min read

Thaís Roberto

When choosing a university to study abroad, scholarships and funding are often the top deciding factors for...

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Four Simple Ways to Improve Your Student Outreach 


Four Simple Ways to Improve Your Student Outreach 

5 min read

Chelsea Castonguay Stanhope

With so many universities competing for the same student interest, generating the right student leads for your...

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graphic shows a computer with people using it and writing an email.


4 Things to Remember When Communicating with Potential Students

6 min read

Ashlee-Maree Courtney-Eman

The internationalization of higher education has transformed the industry, with universities now competing to attract...

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Social Media for Higher Ed

Watch our latest webinar to hear from an expert panel from H.E, including discussions on using TikTok, ChatGPT and other social channels in your student marketing. 

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graphic of a man fixing a clock illustrating 'do you need a CRM'


Do you need a CRM? Evaluating CRMs for Higher Education

3 min read

Joanna Hughes

Most colleges and higher ed institutions need some sort of CRM system to manage their data. 

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Student Prospects


5 Tips for Converting Student Prospects

3 min read

Julia Sachs

One of the many challenges universities have always faced is converting student prospects into applicants or...

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Trends in Student Recruitment


6 Trends in Student Recruitment

4 min read

Julia Sachs

In recent years, the way students research and communicate with prospective universities has constantly changed and...

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Re-target students on Social Media

Generate new student leads and boost traffic to your institution's profile with re-targeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. 

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