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New for 2024!

Episode 11: State of Student Recruitment in the Netherlands

Guest: Bas Baalmans, Managing Director at the Digital Business Centre of the University of Groningen

Bas Baalmans, Managing Director at Groningen Digital Business Center, discusses international student recruitment in the Netherlands and digital transformation in higher education. International education was in the conversations during Netherland’s general election last November, as the drafted ‘Balance in Internationalization Act’ wants to limit the number of international students in the country. How is this impacting the recruitment efforts of Dutch institutions?

Episode 10: Why is Getting a College Degree Worth It?

Guest: Andrew Kelly, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Policy at the University of North Carolina System

The North Carolina General Assembly partnered with Deloitte to analyze the value of the Degree programs of the University of North Carolina System. Data showed that out of 1,299 programs across the System, 94% of them had a positive ROI for graduates. Dr. Andrew Kelly gives us details about the study and how they have managed to make their programs overwhelmingly worth it for all their students.

Episode 9: Can Microcredentials Save Higher Education?

Guest: Jim Fong, Chief Research Officer at UPCEA

Microcredentials are a hot topic right now, but a lot of people still don’t know how exactly how to describe them. Jim Fong, Chief Research Officer at UPCEA, the online and professional education association, joins the podcast to enlighten us on what microcredentials are. For Jim Fong, microcredentials could become a saving grace for higher ed institutions looking to increase their student population.

Episode 8: Inspiring Founders in Higher Ed - Harri Suominen

Guest: Harri Suominen, Co-Founder of Asia Exchange and Edunation

Harri Suominen joins us in this episode to share his experience as co-Founder of global education providers Asia Exchange and Edunation. Two companies that have recently become part of Keystone Education Group. His personal experience as an exchange student drove him and Tuomas Kauppinen to found Asia Exchange and Edunation to create a pathway for other Finnish students to study abroad.

Episode 7: Forget HigherEd Rankings - Back to Reputation Basics

Guest: Oliver Freedman, Managing Director of The RepTrak Company

In this thought-provoking Keystone Higher Ed Chats episode, Scott Miller interviews Oliver Freedman, APAC Managing Director at Reptrak, a leading reputation measurement and management consultancy. Oliver provides valuable insights into balancing the chase for university rankings with cultivating and maintaining a positive university reputation in today's globalized, technology-driven landscape.

Episode 6: Secrets to University Storytelling Success

Guest: John Azoni, Storytelling Expert

John Azoni discusses storytelling strategies tailored for universities on Keystone Higher Ed Chats. John is joined by Scott Miller, Chief Commercial Officer at Keystone, to discuss authentic representation, AI integration, and the ongoing nature of effective storytelling in student recruitment efforts. Tune in to uncover the secrets behind compelling university narratives and their impact on student recruitment.

Episode 5: Trends and Insights in International Student Recruitment

Guest: Ian Little, International Student Recruitment Expert

Ian Little joins host Scott Miller to share vital trends and insights for navigating global student recruitment complexities. Among topics of discussion are the challenges and opportunities of recruiting international students, market adaptation, niche differentiation strategies and the importance of self awareness.

Episode 4: Leadership Guidance for Higher Ed Teams

Guest: Todd Cherches, Executive Coach

Todd Cherches joins Keystone Higher Ed Chats to reveal what it takes to be a good leader. Todd is a consultant, executive coach, TEDx speaker, author, and thought leader in the field of leadership and visual thinking. With over a decade in higher ed, he is also an award-winning professor at New York University and Columbia University.

Episode 3: Inspiring Female Founder in Higher Ed: Rachel Fletcher 

Guest: Rachel Fletcher, CEO & Founder of UniQuest 

Rachel Fletcher shares her inspiring journey as a female entrepreneur. In this riveting episode, the conversation explores the dynamics of being a female founder, intentional company culture, and the delicate balance between optimism and perfection. Rachel provides insights for aspiring leaders, highlighting the importance of expressing interest in leadership roles and taking calculated risks. 

Episode 2: Graduate Student Recruitment Trends 2024 

Guest: Dr. Mark Bennett, Insights Director at FindAUniversity

Dr. Mark Bennett, Insights Director at FindAUniversity, is a UK-based graduate education expert. Mark discusses the findings in the data from Higher Ed Insights, a quarterly insights and student data tracking survey. We will hear about graduate student destination interests shift, the international landscape for graduate studies, as well as specific UK-findings.

Episode 1: Everything The Higher Ed Marketer Needs to Know in 2024

Guest: Kyle Campbell, Founder of Education Marketer 

Kyle joins Higher Ed Chats to share his expertise in higher education marketing. We discuss student recruitment trends, emerging technologies you should be using as a higher ed marketing professional, and the 3 things every higher ed marketer should be doing in 2024.

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