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Be Inspired By Education Leaders From Around The World

Join Erik Harrell (CEO, Keystone Education Group) as he delves into the fascinating world of higher education, speaking with thought leaders, academics, and change-makers from around the world. Listen as they discuss experiences and challenges faced throughout their careers, sharing insights and advice to inspire and inform. Not to be missed, this podcast is a must for those interested in the ever-changing landscape that is international higher ed.

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How to Win the Global Competition for International Student Talent

Episode Guest: Rachel Sandison, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, External Engagement, University of Glasgow, UK.

Rachel Sandison is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, External Engagement, at the University of Glasgow in the UK. We discuss how Rachel's vision has led her institution to more than double the number of international students in the last few years, how the university's infrastructure has had to change to accommodate such growth, and the opportunities and the challenges posed around international student retention and post-study opportunities in the UK.

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The Path to Digital Education at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

Episode Guest: Jan Gulliksen, Vice President for Digitalization at KTH Sweden

Join Erik and Jan as they talk about path to digital education at KTH, Sweden, and why institutions should start considering digitalization as an investment and not a cost.

Jan conducts practice-oriented action research on usability, accessibility, and user-centred systems design, particularly focusing on improving the digital work environments for everyone and championing the value of lifelong learning beyond the typical university years of 19 - 25.

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How to Have More Diverse Leadership Teams

Episode Guest: Andrea Nollent, Former Vice-Chancellor of University of Law

Listen to Erik Harrell in conversation with Andrea Nollent about the path that led to her becoming Vice-Chancellor of the University of Law, how student expectations regarding higher education have evolved and why increased diversity in leadership should be a common goal for all higher ed leaders.

Sven Keystone podcast

The Path to Building the Largest University in the World

Episode Guest: Dr. Sven Schütt, CEO of IU International University of Applied Sciences

Erik Harrell speaks with Dr. Sven Schütt, CEO of IU International University of Applied Sciences,  who has the ambitious goal of creating the largest university in the world.


The Liberal Arts College of the Future

Episode Guest: Dr Lori S. White, President of DePauw University

Keystone's CEO, Erik Harrell, speaks with Dr. Lori S. White to discuss liberal arts education in 2021 and beyond. Dr. White is the first woman and African American to become President of DePauw University, one of the top liberal arts institutions in Indiana. Dr. White has more than 30 years of experience in student-focused leadership and academic roles. While the pandemic shook up things in education, many opportunities have opened up that may benefit students. Dr. White shares her first-hand experience as a leader breaking down barriers and encouraging diversity within higher education leadership.


How to Inspire & Encourage More Women Into STEM

Episode Guest: Dr. Karen Panetta, Dean of Graduate Education, Tufts University School of Engineering

Erik talks to Dr. Karen Panetta about how she started a global movement to help inspire young women to pursue education in the fields of science, engineering, and technology (STEM). Dr. Panetta also shares her personal experiences, telling how a young girl from Boston grew up to become a tenured Dean of Graduate Education at Tufts University and recipient of the Presidential Award for Science and Engineering Education Mentoring. An inspirational story for all, especially young girls and women considering opportunities in STEM.


Building & Leading The Business School of the Future

Episode Guest: Stephen Hodges, President of Hult International Business School

Erik examines what it takes to build and lead a "new kind" of business school for the future with the leader of one of the most dynamic business schools in the world.


How Harrisburg University Rapidly Grew into a Leading US Graduate Institution

Episode Guest: Eric Darr, President of Harrisburg University of Science & Technology

Discover how HU grew from 500 to 10,000+ students in less than a decade. An amazing story of growth and entrepreneurship.


The Impact of the US Presidential Election on International Student Recruitment

Episode Guest: Paul Keller, Director International Enrollment at Rochester Institute of Technology

Erik speaks with Paul Keller about the impact of the US presidential election on international student recruitment. What will 2021 and beyond look like for international students interested in the United States as a study destination? How will this impact educators?

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