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Higher Education Marketing

Reach 6 million students each month with Keystone


higher ed marketing

Higher education institutions have traditionally utilized the power of reputation, word of mouth and strong professional networks in order to attract new students. However, in an increasingly competitive and digitalized world, it is now vital for colleges and universities to have a strong digital footprint. 

Many students today use the internet to research potential study programs, making online visibility essential to reaching this audience. At Keystone, we help institutions to optimize their digital presence and reach students globally, with multilingual online promotion on our 460+ student websites.

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Marketing to Digital Natives 


Students spend a significant proportion of their day consuming digital media across a range of channels and devices. As a result, the internet and online search has become a powerful tool used by potential students seeking and researching study options.


Digital marketing has now become vital for universities during each stage of marketing and recruitment process. Educators must incorporate it into their budget and ensure students can find their programs online.


Keystone Education Group provides tailored, targeted and tracked marketing services to make your programs visible to students anywhere in the world. With optimization in 33+ languages across global search engines, Keystone will connect your institution directly to students.


At Keystone, our mission is to empower schools of all sizes and budgets to reach their desired marketing and recruitment goals.

Whether you want to reach more students, hit a specific target market, or increase efficiency by automating your marketing efforts, Keystone is ready for the challenge!