Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram

Social Media Campaigns

Boost website traffic and attract new student leads with social media retargeting from Keystone.

Generate student leads and brand awareness with Social Media Campaigns

Reach more students while they browse on social media. A proven lead generation channel, Keystone can create, deliver and optimize social media campaigns for your institution on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

How retargeting works

The retargeting journey:  

  • Students visit one or more 460+ Keystone websites, where their information is captured 
  • When they visit Facebook or Instagram, they can then be served your retargeting advert
  • We can use a lead generation form to capture leads at that point, or they can be directed to your website
  • Additional students are also reached through look-a-like targeting. 
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Benefits of retargeting campaigns

  • Access to a global audience of 64+ million prospective student visitors who access Keystone websites each year
  • Recapture the attention of your ideal target students when they are active on social media
  • Maximize value and increase visibility with the right audiences for your programs
  • Optimize your campaign for boosting traffic to your website or landing page, or focus on lead capture

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Retargeting lets you advertise to students who previously engaged with your institution online

How to set up retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram

With a dedicated Campaign Manager, we will guide, implement and optimize the campaign for you.

All you need to do is select your campaign objectives and targeting options, which include: 

Campaign Objectives
  • Do you want to drive website traffic to your website or landing page where you can control the lead capture process there?
  • Do you want to capture student leads using a lead form integrated as part of the campaign? 
Campaign Targeting

Benefit from custom-built audiences provided by Keystone, such as: 

  • Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram:  students who have already visited your profile on Keystone's websites
  • Look-a-like Audiences: broaden your campaign reach by using look-a-like audiences, including students who have been searching for similar programs to yours
  • Location Targeting: Customize your campaign further based on  geo-targeting in specific regions and countries. 


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