Higher Education Email Marketing

Digital strategies have become a standard in higher education marketing. Universities and institutions around the world report that they are now devoting much if not the majority of their marketing resources to online and digital solutions. In fact, the shift towards digital marketing is one of the most consistent trends in the higher education sector. Digital marketing offers a wealth of mediums for outreach. Institutional websites are now requisite for connecting with and serving students, both prospective and active, and many colleges and universities are engaging with social media as a means of reaching students on their own terms.

A dynamic online presence, as well as user-friendly interfaces and relevant promotions are essential to creating a positive, responsive brand statement for higher education. Alongside well-developed institutional websites, email marketing is one of the most effective higher education marketing strategies. Email has completely disrupted traditional postal-based marketing tools within the higher education sector. And while social media is a dominant medium of communication for most millennials, modern students still rely on and trust email for formal correspondence with universities and schools.

Email marketing can be a valuable tool for brand identity and student recruitment. Successful higher education email marketing campaigns are built on well-established goals that present a clear, engaging message. It sounds straightforward, but email marketing campaigns can be difficult to coordinate and optimize, with cumbersome but essential tasks like identifying recipients, constructing an email list, and facilitating distribution consuming time and effort. And once a school has launched an email campaign, analyzing results and answering responses becomes an additional challenge.

In addition to promoting your brand through organic search results, Keystone Academic Solutions offers a robust email marketing service that allows you to target specific demographics using our extensive student database. Direct Email Marketing from Keystone streamlines your digital campaigns, making it easy to engage with qualified students at home and around the world. Our in-depth analysis tools let you see real-time statistics about the success of your campaign, and Direct Email Marketing allows you to decide when and how you respond to enquiries. Because we take the hassle out of digital campaigns, Direct Email Marketing with Keystone gives you the time to develop creative engagements that produce results.

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