Marketing Automation Software for Higher Ed

Reduce your manual workload by up to 70% with SmartHub

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Your student marketing — all in one place! 

  • SmartHub will automate your student marketing, reducing repetitive admin tasks.

  • Save hours every week - let our software handle it all.

  • Designed specifically for higher education.


Marketing Automation Software for Higher Ed

All your student leads in one place

Unified student information across all channels.

Leads are automatically collected into SmartHub.

Fewer emails in your inbox.

Increase your number of highly qualified student leads.

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Instant Personalized Communication

Our technology handles all your communication for you.

Significantly reduce your manual workload.

Faster and more personalized communication increases engagement.

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Find the best student prospects in seconds

Easily and efficiently handle hundreds of prospects.

Qualify and manage your student prospects.

Stay up to date on the status of all your prospects.

Maximize your application potential.

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Reduce your manualpeople on podium - prospect [Converted] workload by up to 70%

Many of our partners find that juggling multiple systems, various Excel files and countless emails contribute to the everyday hassles of student recruitment.

With SmartHub, we have designed a suite incorporating three powerful automation tools which aim to revolutionize your student recruitment and lead engagement. 

Easy to integrate, simple to use

Everything is available in one place – your student leads are automatically collected and available for communication, management and engagement without the need to switch over to another system. Integration is handled seamlessly, meaning no headaches for you and your team.

One of the most common misconceptions is that technology solutions will be expensive. SmartHub is an affordable solution designed to be your marketing automation hero.smarthub-testimonial

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At Keystone, our mission is to empower schools of all sizes and budgets to reach their marketing and recruitment goals.

Whether you want to reach more students, hit a specific target market, or increase efficiency by automating your marketing efforts, Keystone is ready for the challenge!