Keystone Sports Expands to Mexico

CMAS Athletes and AGM Sports Join Forces

Published April 5, 2022


Keystone Education Group (Keystone) is delighted to announce that CMAS Athletes and AGM Sports will be joining forces, making CMAS the latest addition to Keystone Sports.

Guillermo Zamarripa has been leading the CMAS brand for 10 years. He has helped over 500 talented Mexican and Latin American student-athletes with their future pathways, combining academics and athletics in the United States thanks to sports scholarships.

“I am incredibly excited to be a part of AGM Sports and Keystone Sports and the incredible opportunity this represents for Mexican and Latin American athletes. I believe that together we will take the college placement process to the next level in this region,” said Zamarripa.

“For 10 years I have worked hard to educate Mexican and Latin American student-athletes about the unique and rewarding opportunity of the American university pathway. I’ve had the privilege of placing 500+ players of all levels at American universities, and now joining forces with Keystone we will offer the most comprehensive placement package available anywhere in the world spanning the athlete’s career,” he said.

AGM Sports CEO, Gonzalo Corrales shared his excitement for the deal in a statement saying, "We are incredibly excited to have made this happen. We have had a relationship with Guillermo since he was our client back in 2006. We have followed his success as a soccer player, as a student-athlete, and as a businessman. He had led the way for many other Mexican athletes, who can see in Guillermo the success they can have with a college education in the United States. We are delighted to be able to work with him and with his team and to be in the position to help hundreds, if not thousands, of student-athletes from Mexico and the Latin American region.¨

Welcome to the team , Guillermo. Bienvenido al equipo de Keystone Sports!

About Keystone Sports

Keystone Sports is a division of Keystone Education Group, with a mission to connect international student-athletes with colleges in the United States. Keystone Sports is comprised of 63 employees in 7 countries, most of whom are former college student-athletes themselves. They are experts in soccer, tennis, golf, track & field, swimming, basketball, and 15 additional sports. We are Europe’s strongest college sports recruiting solution for student-athletes looking to study in the US.

Since 1998, our agencies, CSUSA (Norway), AGM (Spain), Sport-Scholarships (Germany), Tennis Smart (UK), and uniexperts (Germany), have sent over 9,240 international student-athletes to over 820 Colleges in the US and Canada, securing over 582 million USD worth of scholarships.

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