Tennis Europe & Keystone Sports partner to promote educational pathways

Tennis Europe signs two year partnership with Keystone Sports

Published September 1, 2022

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There was a time when talented young players had to choose between pursuing their tennis careers or remaining in education. Tennis Europe's new two-year partnership with Keystone Sports aims to change all that by making junior tennis players and parents aware of each available pathway.

Keystone Sports has joined together four of the leading college tennis placement companies in the world, creating Europe's strongest and biggest college sports recruiting solution. Run by former NCAA tennis champions and pro tennis players, it offers an unrivalled support system to Tennis Europe juniors along their developmental pathway.

As more and more former college tennis players are successfully transitioning onto the Pro Tour, 70+ competing at Wimbledon this year, 7 from Keystone Sports, it is a great time to understand what's available to you. Keystone Sports companies have over 50 years of combined experience helping tennis players, with a staff of more than 70 professionals across Europe, most of them former student-athletes that took advantage of this opportunity to combine high-level athletics and a college education.

Together Keystone Sports has developed an unmatched college coach network in the United States and has helped over 9,000 athletes over the years to schools in all 50 US states and Canada, gained over 582 million USD in scholarships, and enabled many amazing and life-changing experiences.

Roger Thiele of Keystone Sports Germany commented: “The Tennis Europe Junior Tour provides such an important developmental platform for young players. We’re proud to be Tennis Europe’s ‘Official Pathway Partner,’ giving these talented young tennis athletes all the information and support they need to choose the next steps in their tennis careers and their education.”

Tennis Europe CEO Thomas Hammerl said, “We are delighted to add to our comprehensive portfolio of education partnerships with Keystone Sports, providing yet further opportunities to the thousands of players that graduate from the Junior Tour each year and are keen to explore their next steps. In combination with our Junior School, these partnerships are designed to ensure that young athletes from our member nations receive the best possible advice and support at this important stage of their lives.” 

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About Keystone Sports
Keystone Sports is a division of Keystone Education Group, our mission is to connect international student-athletes with colleges in the United States. Keystone Sports is comprised of over 70 employees in 10 countries, most of them former college student-athletes. They are experts in soccer, tennis, golf, track & field, swimming, basketball, and 15 additional sports. We are Europe’s leading college sports recruiting solution for student-athletes looking to study in the US.
Since 1998, our agencies, AGM (Spain), CMAS (Mexico), Sport-Scholarships and uniexperts (Germany), Tennis Smart (UK) and CSUSA (UK/Scandinavia), have sent over 9240 international student-athletes to over 820 Colleges in the US and Canada, securing over 582 million USD worth of scholarships.

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