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Join Dr. Mark Bennett and our panelists from around the world as they discuss the insights & emerging trends drawn from the 20,000+ survey responses from prospective students globally in the first of this two-part webinar series.

In this webinar Mark will shape our discussion around three main themes:

  1. Top decision-making factors: How do these change by institution, how long do students research to study abroad, and the impact of funding and scholarships have.
  2. Communication preferences: What resources are most helpful to students, what are their social media preferences, and how you can ensure your institution is meeting their needs.
  3. Barriers to study abroad & how to address them: What are students' top motivations to study abroad. What are the main factors that stop students from applying to study abroad and how can your institution overcome them.

Meet the Panel

Christine Todd

Christine Todd

Head of UK Recruitment

University of Liverpool

Brett Dimarzo

Brett DiMarzo

Director, Graduate Enrolment Digital Strategy

Boston College

April German

April German

International Marketing & Admissions Deputy Director

UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia

Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett

Director, Audience and Editorial


(Event Moderator)

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