State of Student Recruitment 2022
Barriers to Study

Barriers to Study

Welcome to the State of Student Recruitment Data Dashboards. 

Here you will find interactive data visualisations showing the results of our 2022 survey.

Our survey includes responses from over 20,000 international prospective students from around the world who are considering studying abroad in 2022 and beyond. Use these dashboards to find custom insights for your target market. 


  • Use the contents tabs on the left to navigate to a particular data theme
  • Use the drop-down menus below the menu bar to customize the data by nationality, continent and study level 
  • Hover over the dashboard to view the number of respondents for each answer option.
  • Use the toolbar to move around the maps. Zoom in and out with the + and - buttons, and click the plus sign with arrows to drag the map.
  • Use the top right menu to go to other sections of the State of Student Recruitment Report 
  • If you're viewing the dashboards on mobile, select full screen and tilt your phone into a landscape view.


Top Concerns When Considering Studying Abroad



Overcoming Barriers