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Using data and insights to influence acceptance

Identifying communication touchpoints with applicants is key to maximizing offer holder conversion. Topics include:

  • How to best track applicant journeys and strategies in the conversion process.
  • Understanding behaviors of offer holders in different geographies.
  • How challenges with conversion have changed after the pandemic. 
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Meet the Panel

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Natalie Letcher

Chair and Co-Founder


(Event Moderator)


About UniQuest 

UniQuest is a global business specializing in improving student conversion and retention.

To date, UniQuest has engaged 1.7m students, with over 33m communications, and supported 130,000 enrolments on behalf of higher education institutions across the UK and US.

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Megan Prettyman

Vice President for Partner Success, North America


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Kevin Kucera

Vice President Enrollment Management

Eastern Michigan Univer

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Sebastian Fuentes

Associate Director of Graduate and International Recruitment

University of Texas, Arlington


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