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Emerging Trends in Student Recruitment - how insights from 2021 can shape your strategy

The first of our three-part series examines how student recruitment outcomes in 2021 compare to emerging trends for the 2022 cycle.  With up-to-the-minute data and insights, our expert panellists will share their observations on changing demand and the projected impact on institutions through this year. 

Topics include:

  • Changing behaviours and demands of international students in 2022 
  • Spreading risk and exploring new markets for diversification  

Meet the Panel

Rachel Fletcher

Rachel Fletcher

Co-founder & CEO, UniQuest



About UniQuest

UniQuest is a global business specializing in improving student conversion and retention.

To date, UniQuest has engaged 1.2m students, with over 25m communications, and supported 110,000 enrolments on behalf of higher education institutions across the UK and US.

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Steven Boyd-1

Steven Boyd

Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Life

Unification Theological Seminary


Jennifer Parsons

Product & Partnerships Director



Fernando Mora

Senior Vice President, Enrollment

Hult International Business School


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