Higher Ed Social Media: Dos & Don'ts
higher ed social media webinar
The Dos and Don'ts of Higher Ed Social Media

Recorded 27th March 2024

Key topics:
  • Old vs new players - what social media channels are most popular with students, and are engagement rates changing for Higher Ed? 
  • Where to put your resources - do universities need to have a presence across every new social media channel? (We're talking Threads, BeReal, and others!)
  • Student ambassadors and influencers - how to get the most out of student ambassadors and campus influencers.
  • Plus our dos and don'ts - our tips for what you should be doing (or not doing!) in the world of higher ed social media. 

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rob clarke

Rob Clark

Director of Strategic Engagement

Greenville University 


greenville university


Sarah Wells

Sarah Wells

Social Media Communication Officer

Fanshawe College
Fanshawe College


Liz Harter

Liz Harter

Senior Social Media Manager

University of Notre Dame


notrte dame


Karen Paculba

Karen Paculba

Senior Director, Social Media & Emerging Strategy

Santa Clara University 



Elly, Glasgow

Elly White

Social Media & Digital Officer

University of Glasgow


University of Glasgow