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Social Media For Higher Ed

With over 1000 registrations, our recent webinar on Social Media for Higher Ed was a huge success. In response to this demand, we will be hosting a second webinar to answer your questions, to be announced soon. Please fill out the form to pre-register your attendance, details to come. 

In our past webinar, we addressed: 

  • Is Facebook really dead and TikTok the new place to reach students? Which social media channels should your institution be using? 
  • How to adapt your communications across undergraduate, postgraduate and different geographic target regions - what works and what doesn't.
  • Social media as "search" - how does this new phenomenon relate to higher ed marketing?

Kyle Campbell, Founder of Education Marketer, joins other Higher Education panelists, including Alejandra Otero from NEO Academy and Stefania Corrado from the American University of Rome. 


Is your university using the right channels in the right way? Our panel explores the latest social media and student communication trends for higher education as we head towards 2023.


Kyle Campbell

Kyle Campbell


Education Marketer

Alejandra Otero

Alejandra Otero

Founder & CEO

NEO Academy

Stefania Corrado

Stefania Corrado

Admissions Communication Manager

American University of Rome

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