State of Student Recruitment 2023
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Our annual State of Student Recruitment Report provides increasingly crucial insight into the world of prospective students. How are students thinking about studying abroad, and studying in general?
On Demand Webinar: Recorded 14 June 2023

This on-demand webinar will dive into our data from over 23,000 prospective students representing 195+ countries. Our panel of experts will examine students/ motivations for studying abroad, what their first considerations are when researching, their financial and safety concerns, and how they find institutions and programs.

The webinar also provides a year-on-year comparisons to help you understand how student behavior is changing in 2023. 

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Abby Guthrie

Senior Product Manager - Product Marketing

Keystone Education Group


Chris Dickson Ed.D

Director, International Student Program

Mt. San Antonio College

Alejandra Otero

Alejandra Otero

Founder & CEO



Katie Van Wyk, M.S.Ed

Director, International Admissions and Enrollment

The University of Arizona