State of Student Recruitment 2024
SSR Webinar slides June 2024 (3)
Our annual State of Student Recruitment Report provides increasingly crucial insight into the world of prospective students.
How are students thinking about studying abroad, and studying in general?

Watch the webinar as we dive into data from 27,000+ prospective students representing 195+ countries.

Our panel discussion includes:

  • Student motivations for studying abroad
  • The impact of political uncertainty on their choices
  • Barriers students face to studying abroad
  • Plus, year-on-year comparisons to help you understand how student behavior is changing in 2024.

Watch the webinar video here

Scott Image

Scott Miller

Chief Commercial Officer

Keystone Education Group

sarah gram

Sarah Gram

International Communications & Student Recruitment Manager

Aarhus University, Denmark

dan griffiths

Dan Griffiths

International Marketing & Recruitment Manager

Wrexham University, UK


Kristi Marchesani, PhD

Director, International Recruitment & Admissions

University of Northern Iowa