Student Recruitment Survival Guide
Student Recruitment Survival Guide 2023 On-Demand

Student Recruitment Survival Guide

Recorded 20 September 2023 

A new international student recruitment year begins... are you ready? 

Watch this on-demand Higher Education webinar and hear from a panel of student marketing experts as they guide you through the complex world of student recruitment. This webinar is designed to help you overcome common challenges and discover innovative approaches that yield results.

Key topics include:

  • The latest trends affecting student recruitment in 2023/24 and beyond
  • Using tech such as AI and automation to improve enrollment conversions
  • Insights into a variety of student recruitment challenges & how our panel overcame them 

Essential viewing for any Higher Ed professional, particularly for university marketing teams, recruitment and admissions departments, benefit from actionable insights and tips to enhance your recruitment efforts. 

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Meet Our Speakers: 

Jaime Hunt - Chief Marketing Officer & Host of Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO Podcast

Jaime Hunt

Host, Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO Podcast & Chief Marketing Officer, Old Dominion University



Stephanie Limuaco, Royal College of Art

Stephanie Limuaco

Head of Marketing, Royal College of Art, London

Royal College of Art, London


Brian Piper

Brian Piper

Director of Content Strategy & Assessment,  University of Rochester



Ashley Budd

Ashley Budd

Director of Advanced Marketing, Cornell University