Higher Education Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is an intrinsic part of the higher education sector and the overarching goal of higher education marketing is to improve and diversify the school’s student body. In order to achieve this goal, Universities need to attract and retain the right students, and those students need information that helps them find the right school. But in recent years, the methods and scope of marketing in higher education has changed dramatically.

There has been a dynamic shift away from traditional marketing strategies that were once the mainstay of higher education marketing. Higher education institutions are finding that once-reliable methods, like television and radio advertisements, postal campaigns, and alumni referrals are less effective and cost-inefficient compared to more modern, digital marketing techniques. In fact, most higher education institutions now report that the majority of their marketing efforts utilize online and digital strategies to establish their brand and engage with prospective students.

Another revolutionary development in higher education marketing is the advent of social media as a platform for both marketing and communication. Modern students, whether they are seventeen or seventy, are more connected than ever. Social media, email, blogs, and digital video are increasingly viable outlets for university marketing. In order to establish a strong brand presence, universities and colleges need to utilize user-friendly, reactive digital resources that draw in students and provide reliable and relatable information that connects the right student with the right school.

Keystone Education Group provides your institution with a custom-built platform from which to launch or grow your brand identity. Students find schools and institutions listed on Keystone’s multilingual websites through organic search results. But Keystone’s services are not limited to our interactive program and profile listings. We use our experience in higher education marketing to help you establish and develop your school’s brand profile with individualized marketing tools that cater specifically to your goals. Lingua lets schools looking to expand their international student bodies target specific linguistic demographics and maximize their brand presence in specific countries and regions. Our Traffic Booster makes sure your programs receive ideal visibility, and you can use Geo Targeting to ensure that you get noticed in the right markets.

Keystone can also help you develop creative engagements that let students connect with your school on a personal level. Students have been relying on Keystone to provide genuine information about higher education providers since 2002, and our well-established social media presence means that programs and schools we promote get maximum exposure where it matters. When you trust Keystone with your marketing campaigns, you can expect to receive highly qualified enquiries that will deliver the results you need.

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