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smarthub marketing automation softwareImprove your student marketing with automation 

SmartHub is designed to provide an affordable marketing automation solution for all institutions, with a range of different solutions that can be matched to differing sizes and/or budgets.

Many of our partners find that juggling multiple systems, various Excel files and countless emails contribute to the everyday challenges of student recruitment. With SmartHub, we have designed something to make these everyday headaches a thing of the past!

Everything is available in one place – your student leads are automatically collected and available for communication, management and engagement without the need to switch over to another system. Integration is handled seamlessly, meaning no more headaches for you and your team.

One of the most common misconceptions is that technology solutions will be expensive. SmartHub is an affordable solution designed to be your marketing automation hero. 

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Perfect for schools of all sizes:

  • Effective lead management features designed to increase student engagement.
  • An excellent pre-CRM student lead nurturing and automation tool.
  • Useful alternative CRM solution.

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