Proudly working with 5500+ education institutions across 180 countries.

"Keystone has provided USF tremendous outreach to international markets that have been previously difficult to reach. In our first year campaign with Keystone, we were excited to receive a significant number of applications from Keystone. The internal interface and traffic reports for university administrators stands well above"

Mark Landerghini
‍University of San Francisco

"Keystone provided us with detailed support for our advertising campaign, offering filtering and targeting of potential applicants by location and educational profile.

They have enabled us to build up a strong base of students, helping us to achieve a higher volume of quality applications than in previous years."

Dr Markus M Hohle
Graduate School of Quantitative Biosciences Munich

"The impact is significant. Enrollments from Keystone services to key west university were easy to process and make follow up work seamless. The reporting tools allow us to see what countries we receive more leads from.  We are able to respond to and communicate with prospective students in a timely manner."

Rolanda Gilkie-Carrethers
Key West University

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Suffolk University School of Law

I have had the pleasure to work with the wonderful people at Keystone for the past 7 years. As a one-person office, it is extremely important for me to work with a marketing vendor, who can perform a lot of the heavy lifting for me such as, replying to inquiries and tracking and capturing data, but also that it’s completed in an easy and efficient way. This is exactly what Keystone has done for me. One of the unique features of Keystone is its ability to translate our information into over 40 languages, so inquiries can search in their own languages and find information about Suffolk Law School’s Graduate Law Programs. As impressive as that is, the best feature, in my opinion, is Keystone’s SmartHub. Keystone has been actively creating new automation tools to make my job easier, ranging from where you have the ability to reply back to inquiries very quickly and easily with its Smart Engage feature, as well as, a newer feature, Workflows, which allows me to create custom-tailored messages to be sent out on a scheduled basis to all of my new inquiries. In addition, I appreciate having access to real-time analytics and being able to export leads by program and date. All of these tools enhance the communication that I have with potential students. If you haven’t been able to purchase a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Keystone’s products do a great job of filling that gap. Lastly, the people at Keystone go the extra mile for their customers ~ they are available, proactive, helpful, and they make excellent marketing suggestions.