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Communicating with your potential students is vital to recruitment, but going one step further and actively nurturing them is likely to significantly increase the likelihood of their future enrollment. Lead nurturing plays an important role in setting your school or institution apart from the many others available in the market.

Studies have shown that lead conversion can increase by as much as 50% when implementing a lead nurturing process (Strategic IC, 2017). While lead nurturing is highly important, it can be difficult to implement.

Adding some personality, and appealing to hundreds or thousands of potential students can be hard, especially when resources are already limited. That’s why we developed Engage, bringing personalized communication and automation together to effectively nurture your leads.

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How Engage Works

Automatic lead nurturing 

Engage handles all your student questions automatically, 24/7, regardless of time zones, and the communication is highly personalized to each student. 

The majority of students seeking higher education today are digital natives, who spend a considerable amount of time communicating via text or messaging apps. The average attention span of today’s students is only 8 seconds, so highly personalized and quick communication is key to capturing their attention.

Engage takes note of this, combining personalization, focused to-the-point information and snippet-styled communication to increase engagement, capturing the interest of your potential students.

Our technology handles all your communication for you

Engage automatically answers student questions by email 24 hours a day, freeing up your inbox and significantly reducing your manual workload. Storing their responses in our web-based platform, you can view and monitor engagement from wherever your work takes you. Engage corresponds with your students for you until you decide it’s time to take over.

All your student questions answered

In our experience working with universities, over 80% of the questions asked during the initial enquiry stage can be broken down into about fifteen main categories. Engage focuses on answering these questions using intelligent smart tagging to customize responses, pulling the important information into a conversational snippet.

If your question isn’t available in Engage, just add it! 

001-chatYour Benefits  

  • Unified student information across all channels.
  • Reduce your workload by up to 80%.
  • Fewer emails in your inbox.
  • Increase volume of highly qualified student leads.

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