State of Student Recruitment
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Keystone’s annual State of Student Recruitment Report provides increasingly crucial insight into the world of prospective students. How are students thinking about studying abroad, and how can we help them make their study dreams come true?

Take a look behind the scenes of the student journey with data from over 27,000 prospective students representing 195+ countries

The report explores the survey responses of students who shared their thoughts on the following themes:

  • Motivations for studying abroad
  • First considerations when researching universities
  • Financial and safety concerns
  • How they find and decide on institutions and programs.

In addition to the report, we have also compiled the data into an interactive dashboard, where you can examine in detail the results by level of study, country and much more.

Our year-on-year comparisons can help you understand how student behavior is changing.

What has changed for students in 2024?

Let's find out!

State of Student Recruitment 2024

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