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Student Lead Generation

Optimized for conversion, our websites are the perfect way for your school to generate qualified student leads. 

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qualified student leadsBoost Your Qualified Student Leads 

At Keystone, we simplify your student marketing by cutting out the middleman and putting students directly in your path.

Our global platform of websites are designed to attract students and their parents as they search, in a natural way. 

Keystone simplifies your marketing efforts by incorporating online promotion in 33+ languages into our packages, creating a direct path from students to your institution.

Not only useful for marketing to students, our platforms are designed to also be a valuable resource for students seeking information and opportunities to study. 

We provide our student visitors with relevant information about your programs that directly answers organic search queries from Google and other search engines.

Promote your courses and programs online, reach students as they search and boost your student recruitment via our 420 global student-facing domains

Our marketing forms collect vital student information including: 

  • Personal information (name, email, telephone)

  • Nationality

  • Highest Education

  • Desired start date 

  • Funding questions

Optimized for Conversion

  • Keystone’s SEO captures detailed searches and directs qualified students to your program listings.

  • Your program and school pages are advertisement-free and provide information specific to your programs and courses.

  • Student-friendly websites are designed to engage visitors and encourage them to contact programs that interest them.

  • Our customizable contact forms help you generate the right kinds of student enquiries.

  • Keystone’s lead forms give you access to our high conversion rate and communication tools – wherever you want to reach students. 

  • Visitors can filter results by field of study, location, mode of study, and other specifications.

  • Students can directly contact the schools they are interested in via our form.

Your Benefits

  • Your programs are visible to students in 33+ languages.
  • Qualified student leads are delivered straight to your team.
  • Receive relevant student enquiries for your courses and programs.
  • Dedicated landing pages, optimized to convert leads.
  • No distractions - your promotional pages are yours, no external banners or advertising.

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