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Ways to Reduce Summer Melt

5 min read

Every year, 20% to 30% of high school students who intend to go to college fail to follow through with their enrollment.

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10 Ways to Address AI Tools at Colleges and Universities 

3 min read

Sara Anderson

Universities frequently debate using artificial intelligence in the classroom - but perhaps more so recently than...

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Best Practices for Transfer Student Orientation

3 min read

Julia Sachs

The transfer student market represents a massive student demographic which could significantly improve enrollment rates...

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Tips for Supporting Neurodiversity in Student Associations

3 min read

Julia Sachs

Those with sensory disorders or social disabilities may feel intimidated by requirements from some associations, but...

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How to Help Prevent Academic Burnout in Your Students

3 min read

Julia Sachs

Academic burnout is a prevalent issue in higher education. If you’ve been on a college campus and talked to the...

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Recognising the Impact of Inflation on Students

4 min read

Benjamin Boivin

A 40-year-high inflation in the US has impacted everything from fuel prices to electronics - to the cost of higher...

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Preparing for Challenges International Students Face

3 min read

Julia Sachs

International students bring new experiences, perspectives and cultures to higher education institutions - but they...

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