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AI Prompts to Use in Your Student Marketing Content

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Fran Fitzsimmons

AI and automation is being adopted by higher ed professionals worldwide. It can be used to help with application processing and sifting, automated communications, and also for creating student marketing content. 

In a recent Keystone webinar, 'the Student Recruitment Survival Guide', our panel of higher ed experts discussed how AI had been helping them to do more with less. 

Brian Piper, from University of Rochester, said: 

"We’re trying to integrate AI into as much of our content creation process as we can. The capabilities for research, brainstorming and ideating are incredible. As well as organizing content... [you can use AI to] look for content gaps, create user personas, repurpose your content - there’s so many ways you can use these different tools."

You can watch the rest of the webinar and hear more about how AI is being used by higher ed here

We have put together a handy list of real prompts you can use in AI to give your marketing content a boost. 

Example prompts: 

1. Create 5 engaging TikTok post ideas: 

Create 5 engaging TikTok post ideas to advertise our campus to new students. Use content from our website:

2. Draft a video-ad script: 

Create a 45-second video ad script for our clubs and societies that showcases our commitment to student satisfaction. Use the following information on our website:

3. Write email subject lines to boost open rates: 

Write a captivating email subject line that entices student prospects to open the email to learn more about <SUMMER LANGUAGE COURSES>.

4. Create calls to action for webpages or email campaigns: 

Create 3 call to actions for our student email campaigns to encourage them to study a Masters. Avoid using 'apply now'. 

When we asked ChatGPT this particular prompt, it generated the below CTA: 

Don't Settle for Less: Master Your Field! 🎓

Your journey doesn't end with graduation - discover our Master's options and leap into a world of endless opportunities.

5. Write SEO-optimized news and blog posts: 

Write an engaging and SEO-rich introduction for our blog post about <MAKING THE MOST OF CAMPUS LIFE>, ensuring it is casual, original, and captures our relaxed tone of voice.

6. Draft headlines for Facebook adverts: 

Write 3 headlines for our Facebook lead generation carousel adverts. Each headline should advertise a different program. The programs are: Computer Science, MA Business Management and Medicine

💡 Tip! Content from ChatGPT needs to reflect your tone of voice. Whether it is casual, informative or matter-of-fact, include prompts to define your brand’s tone so your AI content doesn’t sound artificial. Authenticity generates trust.


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