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International Women’s Day #InspireInclusion - Recognizing Rachel Fletcher

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Rama Eriksson

International Women's Day (IWD) on March 8th stands as a global tribute to the social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women. Beyond applauding strides in gender equality, it serves as a call for ongoing efforts to dismantle barriers impeding women's progress.  

The World Economic Forum's Global Annual Gender Gap Report reveals a mere 4.1% advance in gender parity since 2006. At this pace, equal pay globally for men and women is projected to take 131 years. 

Education and awareness prove crucial in fostering inclusion and empowering women. Events like IWD amplify calls to action to break down barriers and foster environments where all women are valued and respected.  



The theme for 2024-- "Inspire Inclusion"-- intensifies the campaign's focus on diversity and empowerment across society. It urges individuals, organizations, and institutions to embrace unique perspectives, particularly from marginalized communities, dismantling systemic barriers and promoting diversity in leadership roles.  

“Inspire Inclusion” encapsulates the imperative of dismantling systemic barriers and debunking entrenched stereotypes. It champions the creation of environments where every woman, irrespective of her background, is recognized, valued, and respected.  


Diversity in Leadership 

People need to see leaders who look like themselves to understand that it is possible.  

A pivotal aspect of Inspire Inclusion revolves around the promotion of diversity in leadership and decision-making roles. Women, especially those belonging to underrepresented groups, continue to face barriers when seeking leadership roles.  

LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company have published the largest comprehensive study of the state of women in corporate America since 2015, the Women in the Workplace report. The report has consistently revealed that for women to succeed, it’s important for women to be nurtured during their careers.  

This truth is underscored in the President's report from the American Council on Education, indicating that substantial efforts are required at lower levels of university administration to enhance diversity among candidates for university president. As roles such as assistant deans and associate provosts diversify, this positive trend is expected to extend to higher administrative ranks.  

 Education and support are pivotal for inclusion and empowerment. Initiatives such as mentorship, workshops, and advocacy are potent tools, creating environments for women to flourish. These efforts provide essential support, empowering women to overcome obstacles. 

Within the context of higher education, International Women's Day takes on added significance. Universities are crucibles of intellectual growth, molding the future leaders and thinkers of society.  


Recognizing Rachel Fletcher, CEO of UniQuest 

RACHEL Podcast button-2At Keystone Education Group, prioritizing women's leadership is fundamental. On International Women's Day, we proudly showcase Rachel Fletcher, an inspirational figure within our Keystone family. By shining light on Rachel’s remarkable journey and insights, we aim to motivate other women in the higher education sector to persevere and thrive. 

Rachel Fletcher's narrative as the CEO and co-founder of UniQuest unfolds as a tale of innovation, resilience, and empowerment. Her perspectives on entrepreneurship, leadership dynamics, and the intentional cultivation of a positive workplace culture offer valuable lessons for professionals and leaders in higher education and beyond. 

From embracing diverse experiences to fostering deliberate leadership, Rachel's story imparts valuable lessons for navigating the evolving landscape of higher education marketing. 

Rachel shared her career journey as an inspiring female founder and leader within higher education in a recent episode of Keystone Higher Ed Chats.  


📣Click to listen to the full episode of the Keystone Higher Ed Chats podcast  


Key takeaways from the episode: 

1. A Global Odyssey 

Rachel's diverse background, studying and working across various countries, underscores her international perspective. Her journey highlights the importance of embracing diverse experiences in shaping career paths, particularly in the dynamic field of higher education marketing. 

2. The Unforeseen Path to Entrepreneurship 

Rachel's shift to entrepreneurship wasn't predestined but evolved through her passion for problem-solving and adapting to unique work environments. Her experience in higher education services laid the foundation for UniQuest, emphasizing the significance of seizing opportunities and embracing entrepreneurial endeavors. 

3. Surmounting Challenges as a Female Founder 

Rachel reflects on the challenges she faced as a female founder, especially during pivotal life moments like pregnancy. Despite societal expectations, she navigated these challenges with resilience, underscoring the importance of supportive networks and self-belief in overcoming obstacles. 

4. The Influence of Co-Founders and Intentional Leadership 

Rachel highlights the significance of having a supportive co-founder and intentional leadership in shaping UniQuest's culture and values. By fostering inclusivity, autonomy, and meaningful work, UniQuest cultivates a workplace conducive to employee growth and success. 

5. Encouraging Women in Leadership 

Rachel advocates for women to embrace leadership roles by building confidence, expressing interest in progression, and seizing opportunities. She underscores the importance of self-belief and proactive engagement in pursuing leadership positions within the higher education marketing landscape. 

6. Driving Factors of Success: Optimism and Continuous Improvement 

Rachel attributes her success to her optimism and self-confidence, driving her commitment to improving outcomes and making a positive impact. While striving for excellence and pursuing perfection, she acknowledges the need to balance perfection with trust while leading others. 


Rachel Fletcher's journey exemplifies the transformative role of female leaders in shaping higher education marketing. Through her insights and experiences, she inspires inclusion, resilience, and continuous growth in the dynamic landscape of enrollment marketing. As we celebrate women's achievements, let us continue to empower future leaders in higher education marketing and beyond. 

To listen to Rachel's episode on the Keystone Higher Ed Chats podcast- click here   


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