Top 10 Higher Ed Podcasts You Should Follow in 2024

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Rama Eriksson

In the complex and dynamic landscape of higher education, staying informed and engaged is paramount. Podcasts have emerged as invaluable resources, offering a convenient and enjoyable way to explore the diverse challenges and innovations shaping higher ed. (Not to mention a way for some of us to fuel our passion for true crime stories).  

In our quest to curate the most insightful content, our team has scoured the digital airwaves to bring you the must-listen podcasts within higher education. These podcasts are not only informative but also thought-provoking, covering a wide spectrum of subjects impacting college campuses and students across the globe. Whether your interest lies in policy debates or student enrollment and enrichment marketing strategies, there is something for every taste. Essential listening in short and long formats. 

Read on for our picks for the higher ed podcasts you should not miss along with a brief description of each of the shows. 


The Best Higher Ed Podcasts For 2024 

1. Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO—with Jaime Hunt  
Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO promises to offer “a conference-like experience in podcast form,” blending professional wisdom, innovative ideas, and personal anecdotes. Host Jaime Hunt engages in candid conversations with seasoned CMOs, innovative thinkers, and key influencers, exploring not just marketing strategies but also the diverse challenges and stories defining this field. Dedicated fans appreciate how each episode exudes the charm of a lighthearted and enjoyable chat among friends. 

2. Keystone Higher Ed Chats 
Keystone Higher Ed Chats introduces its third season in a relaunched mini podcast format published bi-weekly. Designed to be listened to in the “time it takes to drink a cup of coffee or go for a walk,” the podcast aims to help keep you updated on the issues important to international higher education. Host Scott Miller, Keystone Education Group’s Chief Commercial Officer, speaks to thought-leaders, change-makers, and influencers with the professionalism and style of your favorite broadcaster. 

3. Education Marketer 
Kyle Campbell is the Education Marketer. He runs a popular newsletter and podcast that offers “everything you need to be a savvy education marketer.” You can also find his insights on Linked In. On the podcast, Kyle engages in conversations with global higher education marketers, providing insights into media marketing, digital content, creator news, and their implications for higher education. 

4. The Wonkhe Show 
Each week, Wonkhe aims to propel the UK policy conversation forward. A panel of top experts (“top wonks”) breaks down the major policy developments of the week in the United Kingdom. The discussions encourage sector learning through expert analysis, lively debate, valuable insights, and diverse perspectives.  

5. The EdUP Experience 
Dr. Joe Sallustio, with his down-to-earth approach and industry experience, makes discussing intricate and dry educational topics more fun and engaging to explore. Guests range from University President/CEOs to Venture Capitalists, to Ed-Tech Entrepreneurs. The goal is to inspire and educate people to pursue a lifelong learning mindset. With over 40 years of collective experience in higher education, the podcast team tries to bring on the most innovative leaders in higher education with the ultimate goal for the listener to leave each episode listen feeling refreshed, upskilled, and reskilled. 

6. Future U Podcast 
Hosted by two higher education specialized journalists, Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn, they explore the future of higher education. The hosts engage in conversations with key figures and newsmakers, including college presidents, senior campus leaders, faculty, and students as part of their “Campus Tour.” New episodes drop weekly, every Tuesday.  

7. Higher Ed Spotlight 
Hosted by veteran journalist and higher education policy expert, Ben Wildavsky, this series provides an insightful and distinctive examination of the current state of higher education. Through candid conversations with visionaries, academics, and innovators at the forefront, the podcast explores the dynamic landscape shaping the future of learning. 

8. The Higher Ed Marketer 
Focused on marketing professionals in higher education, the Higher Ed Marketer offers practical advice to elevate your marketing strategies. Each episode features engaging conversations with top higher-ed marketing experts, exploring topics such as the future of marketing, emerging technologies, and beyond. Hosted by Bart Caylor of Caylor Solutions marketing agency, Bart spent over two decades as a marketing consultant for higher education clients as well as well-recognized global brands. 

9. Higher Ed Storytelling University 
Dedicated to enhancing storytelling and student enrollment in higher education marketing, this podcast is hosted by John Azoni, a video producer and storytelling coach. John helps colleges and non-profits tell stories that demonstrate their impact. Offering practical advice with quick-win strategies, each episode equips you with actionable insights to immediately enhance your marketing efforts. 

10. Get Down to College Business 
“Get Down to College Business” podcast is hosted by Sarah Holtan, PhD, and explores strategies crucial for the survival of universities. It delves into tactics that could determine whether university doors remain open. Gain empowering insights and fresh perspectives to revolutionize your approach to college business and advocate for affordable education.  


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