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The Value of Social Media Advertising for Universities

4 min read

Social media advertising often forms a part of a university’s overall marketing strategy, but it should be approached as a standalone strategy, in...

image shows hands in the air holding the logos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and SnapChat
image shows four students taking a picture on their phone on campus


Top University Social Media Accounts of 2022

16 min read

Thaís Roberto

As in every other industry, social media has become an indispensable tool in higher education marketing. A successful...

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picture shows a woman using her mobile phone


Are More Students Using Social Media as a Search Engine?

5 min read

Sara Anderson

Social media can be useful for finding the best restaurant in town, and as a single source for finding reviews,...

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image shows a man and woman looking at a laptop and laughing


Best Practices for Using Paid Ads on Facebook and Instagram

5 min read

Keystone Education Group

Those working in higher education marketing will already know the value of using Facebook and Instagram campaigns or...

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Social Media for Higher Ed

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illiustration shows LinkedIn logo


How to Use LinkedIn for Higher Education

6 min read

Benjamin Boivin

LinkedIn is the place to be when it comes to professional networking, but with students spending more and more time on...

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Instagram reels for higher education student recruitment


Growing Popularity of Instagram Reels for Student Recruitment

4 min read

Elise Hodge

Instagram has switched its attention to reels, and universities are using the short videos to engage with their current...

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graphic showing people looking at thumbs up and like signs from social media


7 ways to harness social media for recruitment success

4 min read

Elise Hodge

Social media transformed how we interact with one another, and what we share. Research shows younger generations such...

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