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7 Tips to Boost Student Enrollments

4 min read

It has become harder for colleges across the U.S. to ensure their recruitment goals are met following the pandemic, and so new ways to find...

7 Tips to Boost Student Enrollments
The Brexit Impact on UK Universities Over Two Years On


The Brexit Impact on UK Universities Over Two Years On

3 min read

Fran Fitzsimmons

It goes without saying that student recruitment in UK universities has changed since Brexit two years ago.

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image shows a group of students holding climate aware signs.


How Climate-Aware is Your Campus?

6 min read

Benjamin Boivin

The future Gen Z and Gen Alpha students will be the most climate-conscious generations yet. How big a part this will...

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graphic showing email, facebook and google icons


9 Tips for Marketing To Generation Z Students

5 min read

Julia Sachs

With a new generation heading to college, higher education institutions are facing new challenges in marketing....

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image shows students sitting outside on university steps chatting


The Dos and Don’ts of Student Recruitment

4 min read

Sara Anderson

Declining enrollment numbers across U.S. colleges and universities — down by nearly one million than before the...

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Tips to Turn Leads into Enrollments with Virtual Fairs


Tips to Turn Leads into Enrollments with Virtual Fairs

3 min read

Katarina Gligovic

Online tools proved beneficial during the pandemic, and a lot of higher ed institutions are turning to the hybrid model...

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illustration shows two hands moving around sticky notes


A Beginner's Guide to Lean Management in Higher Education

9 min read

Joanna Hughes

Lean management is an approach typically associated with manufacturing, yet is frequently applied to many industries...

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