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9 Tips for Marketing To Generation Z Students

5 min read

With a new generation heading to college, higher education institutions are facing new challenges in marketing. Generation Z—born between 1996 and...

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The Dos and Don’ts of Student Recruitment

4 min read

Sara Anderson

Declining enrollment numbers across U.S. colleges and universities — down by nearly one million than before the...

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Tips to Turn Leads into Enrollments with Virtual Fairs


Tips to Turn Leads into Enrollments with Virtual Fairs

3 min read

Katarina Gligovic

Online tools proved beneficial during the pandemic, and a lot of higher ed institutions are turning to the hybrid model...

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A Beginner's Guide to Lean Management in Higher Education

9 min read

Joanna Hughes

Lean management is an approach typically associated with manufacturing, yet is frequently applied to many industries...

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Five Student Recruitment Challenges & How to Overcome Them

4 min read

Elise Hodge

Finding the best students for their universities and colleges is the number one challenge for recruiters.

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Four Simple Ways to Improve Your Student Outreach 


Four Simple Ways to Improve Your Student Outreach 

5 min read

Chelsea Castonguay Stanhope

With so many universities competing for the same student interest, generating the right student leads for your...

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Writing Effective Responses to Student Enquiries: Tips & Tricks

3 min read

Ashlee-Maree Courtney-Eman

Replying to students can be delicate and take some time to perfect.

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