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2024 Higher Ed Conference Calendar

14 min read

Higher education conferences are eagerly anticipated networking events and learning opportunities for the whole sector. With 2024 fast approaching,...

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Revolutionizing Higher Ed: The Impact of AI on Student Recruitment

2 min read

Fran Fitzsimmons

Technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives, including the way universities attract and enroll students....

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Clearing: How to fill empty seats in your classrooms

4 min read

Thaís Roberto

University clearing is the process in which students secure a place at a university or college if they haven’t received...

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How Direct Admissions Can Impact Higher Education Enrollments

4 min read

Thaís Roberto

The traditional college application process has long been many students’ barriers to higher education.

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Ways to Reduce Summer Melt

5 min read

Thaís Roberto

Every year, 20% to 30% of high school students who intend to go to college fail to follow through with their enrollment.

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How to Use Instant Chat to Boost Enrollment Conversions

3 min read

Fran Fitzsimmons

Using instant chat to communicate with potential students can help boost enrollment conversions by providing a more...

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Ways to Attract Generation Alpha to Your Institutions

4 min read

Thaís Roberto

Being digital natives, Generation Alpha has had an educational experience different from any generation before them.

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