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Top University Social Media Accounts in 2023

12 min read

Creating a compelling social media presence is now more vital than ever for educational institutions. Social media has transformed into a fundamental...

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8 Ways to Kickstart Your Student Recruitment in 2024

7 min read

Rama Eriksson

For higher education admissions professionals, the task of reviewing, planning, and improving upon a student...

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2023 Wrapped: Our Top 10 Most Popular Higher Ed Articles

9 min read

Rama Eriksson

The year is coming to an end, and with that, the influx of end-of-year compilations. (Spoiler alert: we are no...

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2024 Higher Ed Conference Calendar

16 min read

Rama Eriksson

Higher education conferences are eagerly anticipated networking events and learning opportunities for the whole sector....

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Harnessing the power of student reviews - a key strategy in student marketing

3 min read

Fran Fitzsimmons

Student reviews have emerged as a powerful tool in shaping perceptions and influencing enrollment decisions for your...

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image shows a male student with an iPhone on a tripod getting ready to record a video


The Impact of TikTok Bans on U.S. Universities

5 min read

Sara Anderson

US universities and public colleges are banning TikTok, with what seems like a different institution announcing a ban...

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Should We Still Use Hashtags in Marketing in 2022?

2 min read

Fran Fitzsimmons

Hashtags first came to prominence on Twitter in the early 2000s, but now they're used across all social media, and...

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