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Are Weekend and Evening Courses the Future of Higher Ed?

5 min read

Half of U.S. adults have considered enrolling in college over the past two years — so for higher ed, better days are ahead as colleges shift towards...

Are Weekend and Evening Courses the Future of Higher Ed?
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Best Practices for Using Paid Ads on Facebook and Instagram

6 min read

Keystone Education Group

Those working in higher education marketing will already know the value of using Facebook and Instagram campaigns or...

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Communicating with Generation Z versus Generation Alpha


Communicating with Generation Z versus Generation Alpha

10 min read

Sara Anderson

Generation Z and Generation Alpha will probably never know what a fax machine does or have a landline in their homes. A...

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Instagram reels for higher education student recruitment


Growing Popularity of Instagram Reels for Student Recruitment

4 min read

Elise Hodge

Instagram has switched its attention to reels, and universities are using the short videos to engage with their current...

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Chatbots: Conversational AI for higher education

4 min read

Elise Hodge

In the online world, automation is key to gaining a competitive edge. Chatbots are one such automation tool to provide...

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Direct Email Marketing Best Practices

4 min read

Cassandra Kenning

Direct Email Marketing (DEM) is one of the most powerful tools to communicate with your audience. While social media...

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Tips for Optimizing Your Higher Ed Landing Pages

4 min read

Katarina Gligovic

If your ads start to get clicks, but your visitors aren’t staying on your pages then it’s time to optimize your landing...

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